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    from Wednesday Books.

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    Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

    Seventeen-year-old Sena Korhosen has been scraping by alone on her frozen, backwater planet for the last five years. After falling in debt to a local gangster, her dreams of getting off-world become next to impossible. Especially when he demands that she heal his prize fighting wolf, Iska, or he’ll force her to join the great race across their planet. To Sena, the infamous sled race isn't a path to riches like most believe—it's a death sentence that claimed her mothers’ lives. Sena swore she’d never race, even if mining the rare exocarbon at the race’s end could buy her a ticket to any world she wanted.


    When Sena tries to escape her fate, she ends up double crossing the gangster instead. She’s left with no choice but to flee with Iska in tow. A team of scientists offer to pay her way off-world on one condition—she gets them to the finish line of the race. But the tundra is a treacherous place and Sena's going to need every skill her mothers taught her if she expects to survive. Especially if it means learning to trust a feral wolf.


    But as the race unfolds and their lives are threatened at every turn, Sena starts to question her own abilities. She'll have to discover whether she's strong enough to survive the wild—whether she and Iska together are strong enough to get them all out alive.

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