Killer Opening Lines

If you're going to create a world, create one that could kill you.

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If you're going to create a world, create one that could kill you. 

I did. 

Opening lines are ones that can make or break a story for readers and writers alike.

Those lines can hook a reader instantly or leave them feeling bored. And that goes for everything from blog posts to full-length novels.

Did I hook you up above with my opening about creating worlds that can kill you? I hope so. (If you're still reading, then I'll take that as a win. ) Opening lines should make readers want to know more.

Sometimes the writer might pose a question. Or say something to keep readers hanging. Aside from that, opening lines should hint something to readers about the main character or the world they live in.

Here are the opening lines from Wolves:

Intrigued? I dropped hints about the world and the personality of my main character. The world I created in Wolves is harsh and freezing and full of predators (animal and human alike).

And if I were dropped onto the planet I created, I would definitely die. Like probably in 30 seconds. Next time you start a book or an article, look closer at those first lines. Are you hooked in or do you need something more?

Do you have any favorite opening lines? Or maybe a beloved blogger whose posts you always read?

I'd love to hear those openings, plus I love discussing words and imagery so feel free to share! Come and chat with me on Twitter or Instagram or reply in a comment below!

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