• Out January 17th!


    • Found Family

    • Rebel Girl Squads

    • Loveable Rogues

    • Wholesome Wolf Content

    • Tomb Raider jungle settings

    • Sapphic subplots

    • Evil Villainess

    "Absolutely exhilarting.
    A captivating story."

    - Chloe Gong,
    NYT Bestselling Author

    "Top-notch worldbuilding that delves into the complex dynamic between different factions, an interesting jungle setting, and fast-paced action sequences...A riveting sequel that promises more to come."

    - Kirkus Reviews for Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame

    "Fast and furious...
    The worldbuilding is intricate, and
    the icy setting is so detailed that readers will feel
    the need to bundle up as they speed
    through to the exciting and satisfying conflusion."

    - Kirkus Reviews for Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

  • One of Buzzfeed's, Goodreads, and Epic Reads most anticipated YA books of 2022.


    "A Jack London survival story"
    - Tor.com 


    "Fast and Furious"
    - Kirkus Reviews 


    "Full of sharp edges"
    - The Nerd Daily


    "An atmospherically told debut"
    - Publishers Weekly


    Welcome to Tundar, an Edge World of constant ice, ion blizzards, and predators that roam the endless tundra.


    Join a girl looking for an escape as she befriends a feral wolf and embarks on a treacherous sled race across the wilds of the planet. With ruthless competitors at their backs and an impossible environment at every turn--are they strong enough to survive?

  • Sena and Iska join teammate Remy on an adventure across the charted systems to a new Edge World: Maraas. A jungle planet ungulfed in a never-ending planet-sized hellstorm where warring factions fight for control.


    Remy's been looking for the friend she failed for the last two years. Only one thing stands in her way -- her ex-squadmate, Kiran Lore. Tracking down Kiran on Maraas is only the first of her problems. Will she be able navigate the shifting politics, hidden agendas, and ghosts from her past to find her fallen friend? Or will she be lost amongst the jungle vines and the growing storm?

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