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    "Now that’s what I call a ride!
    With her sophomore novel, Long has created the perfect mix of intrigue, tension, and high-stakes action.
    A pitch-perfect companion to her debut, Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves, perfect for those looking to catch up with Remy, Sena, and Iska—or those looking for a new sci-fi adventure that stands up all on its own."
    ~ Kate Dylan, bestselling author of Mindwalker

    Swift the Storm,
    Fierce the Flame

    A girl hellbent on finding the friend she lost. A planet on the brink of total destruction. Only one way to find answers amidst the chaos: team up with a traitor to stage a revolution.


    After a mission gone awry two years ago, Remy Castell has been desperately searching across worlds to find the friend she failed to save—the friend who changed her life by helping her overcome the brainwashing she was subjected to as a genetically engineered corporate agent.


    Since then, she’s been chasing the only lead she has: fellow genopath Kiran Lore, a master strategist designed to manipulate and control outcomes to serve corporate agendas, the same secretive ex-squadmate who left her for dead when she compromised their mission. She nearly caught up to him on Tundar before joining the infamous sled race. Now, Remy, along with Sena and Iska, has tracked Kiran back to Maraas, the jungle planet where she lost everything. But nothing on Maraas is how it was two years ago. Syndicates and scavvers alike are trying to overthrow a megalomaniac corpo director. Remy definitely wants nothing to do with that; fighting against corpos is as useless as trying to stay dry in the middle of the giant hellstorm that encircles the planet. But the storm—and the rebellion—are growing stronger by the minute.


    When Remy finds Kiran, he doesn't run like she expects. Instead, he offers her a deal: help with the revolution and he'll take her to her friend. But can she really trust the boy who betrayed her once before? With the entire planet on the edge of all-out war, Remy will have to decide just how far she's willing to go to save one girl before the impending storm drowns them all.

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